To Our Friends and Family

Our friend Conor Fahey-Latrope recently passed away. Conor was more than just a friend to many of us. He was a rock of stability in our hard times, a source of inspiration, and a loyal companion in all our adventures. His passing has left a hole in many of our hearts, especially in the hearts of his three month old daughter, Finn Turing Fahey-Latrope, and his wife, Ava.

At the moment, a group of close friends are assessing what needs to be done to help Finn and Ava through the next few weeks and to protect Finn's future. There are two ways you can help. First, you can provide your time to help Ava with babysitting, cleaning, and meals. Second, you can provide financial support for Ava and Finn by donating directly to the Finn's Future Fund.

Donating Your TimeDonating Your MoneyHelping in Other Ways

Grief & Depression Support

If you or a friend is suffering from grief as a result of Conor’s passing, or suffering from depression in general we have compiled a page of grief & depression resources.

Donating Your Time

If you would like to help out, we ask that you to please do not contact Ava directly. Instead, please fill out this quick questionnaire with your contact info, how you would like to help, when you are generally available. After we get your details we will place you on our People Power volunteer mailing list, which we will use to make more targeted announcements and requests for specific help. We will also share the general Google Calendar with you. Please fill out the volunteer form now if you would like to help.

Volunteer Form

Donating Your Money

The costs associated with Conor's passing can be broadly grouped into two categories: immediate expenditures and long-term finances for Finn's future.

Immediate Expenditures

The money raised will first pay off the immediate costs of Conor's death. These costs include items such as his funeral, bills and debts due, rent for the last month, storing and shipping his goods, etc. There are also potential immediate childcare needs like diapers, babysitting, and the like.

Long-term for Finn's Future

The remainder of the money we raise will be invested in a interest-bearing account for Finn's education and future. The exact nature of this long-term account has yet to be determined, but we will keep you all informed.

We have reached our initial goal but the campaign will continue as college is expensive and we want to ensure Finn's future. Any amount you can provide is extremely appreciated.

Donate Now

Helping in Other Ways

Please note, unless otherwise stated we DO NOT want donations of diapers or other physical things. Donating money directly is the best way to help as we can directly work with Ava to ensure she and Finn gets the child care support needed. However, if there is anything else you would like to help out with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please spread the word. In the very least, like our FaceBook page. Any help is appreciated.